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Amanda B. Hill, JD

"I'm committed to giving you the resources you need to protect the practice you’ve built."

Amanda Hill is a healthcare attorney in Austin, Texas. She worked for the U.S. Government defending large hospitals before becoming General Counsel for a large multi-specialty group and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). She has worked with physicians and health care management her entire career, providing guidance, training, and counsel. Amanda authored the Fraud and Abuse Manual as well as Build your Compliance Plan for the Texas Medical Association. 

In 2015, Amanda founded her own law firm specializing in Outsourced General Counsel services for healthcare organizations and specializes in physician practices in Texas. She is an experienced presenter, speaking across the state on health law and risk management issues. 

Since Amanda started her law firm, she discovered was bombarded with the same questions from physicians and providers, and started thinking of a better way to educate doctors about the basics of contract negotiation, business formation, compliance and other issues that affect their practice. She also discovered she loved training and helping doctors not only in Texas, and not only as clients of her law firm, but more generally providing consulting across the country. 

So in 2022, Guard My Practice was born. This venture provides 15 min videos on all topics that affect physicians to help them feel safe and protected.

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Guard My Practice helps doctors protect themselves and their practice by getting to the heart of the most common problems doctors face, distilled down into 15 minute videos each week. Let's walk you through a contract, a difficult patient encounter, or a business deal, in a way that you can understand and feel more protected.


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