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Often people ask — what do you talk about on the monthly videos?

Basically, everything you need to know to run a successful medical practice and keep you feeling empowered and protected. When it comes to the business of medicine, it is not something that is well covered in medical school. In my 20 years of practicing healthcare law, I saw many doctors struggle in the same areas. In fact, I give talks to residents every month and I always hear the same things about how the information we discuss was never taught in training.

I get into the topics you really want to hear about, and dig deep on what you need to know to run and protect your practice.

Training Resources for your Healthcare Business

Section 1: Contracts

We talk about everything from signing your first employment contract and what to look for, to how to negotiate a contract, the basics of setting up your practice, hiring Advanced Practice Providers, negotiating a lease, and more.

Section 2: Compliance

We talk about the importance of a compliance plan and how to build one, diving deeper into HIPAA and how it still affects you, fraud statutes, and what to do when you have a run-in with the legal system.

Section 3: Employees

We focus on employees and speak to classifying employees, problematic staff, dealing with difficult partners, and what do you do when an employee raises a compliance or harassment concern.

Section 4: Patients

What happens if they are upset with you, don’t follow your advice, and post negative online reviews? How do you build a strong, robust relationship that won’t turn sour?

Section 5: Billing/Coding

This section discusses incident-to billing, the importance of auditing, and what to do when the government comes knocking.

Section 6: Growth

We discuss how clinical practices change and grow over time and touch on mergers and acquisitions, red flags in corporate deals, starting a partnership, shoring up compliance as you grow, and how to wind things down.

Guard My Practice will cover the topics you need and make sure you can digest the content. Weekly 15 minute videos are easy to consume and will directly apply to your practice.

Your Instructor

Amanda B. Hill, JD

“I’m committed to giving you the resources you need to protect the practice you’ve built.”

Amanda Hill is a healthcare attorney in Austin, Texas. She worked for the U.S. Government defending large hospitals before becoming General Counsel for a large multi-specialty group and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). She has worked with physicians and health care management her entire career, providing guidance, training, and counsel. Amanda authored the Fraud and Abuse Manual as well as Build your Compliance Plan for the Texas Medical Association. 

In 2022, Guard My Practice was born. This venture provides 15 min videos on all topics that affect physicians to help them feel safe and protected.

We’re here to help

Guard My Practice helps doctors protect themselves and their practice by getting to the heart of the most common problems doctors face, distilled down into 15 minute videos each week. Let’s walk you through a contract, a difficult patient encounter, or a business deal, in a way that you can understand and feel more protected.

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